Thursday, April 29, 2004

A new addition

Titles have come to Zero Logic. Just wanted to try them out.

Thank you

I have never in my life, ever owed such a great debt of gratitude to so many people. I just don't know how I may in my life ever repay the kindness and amazing effort put forth, at their personal and financial expense.

I owe thanks and blessings to MCHE, FE, D and GH. These people have done more than I could, and they did this for my benefit. I admit to being in need and these people have given up time and energy and quite a lot of money.

I am intentionally being vague to protect myself and others, I apologize for that. Sometime later I will explain it all.

I hope that in time my mom will be able to accept the changes that are occurring today and that she will be able to overcome the embarrassment she has. Shame and fear are absolutely evil. They have crushed her very soul. I see her ache and can see the torture. This pain we have inflicted should allow her emotional and spiritual wounds to begin to heal. I pray that she can find peace with all of this. I ask you to pray for us all. I know you don't know who I am but He does.

I've worked so hard today. I've had to take quite a bit of pain medication to keep going. I didn't think this progress could ever be made at all, much less in so short a time.

It's truly sad that I've had to keep it all secret, and have been forced to lie to my mom and other loved ones to pull it all off. But my intentions are good and the benefit from it all is so great that I really had no choice but to proceed.

AH and CP couldn't make it out here today, but I expect after they get off work tomorrow that they will show up. We should be able to get a lot more done with two more people on the team. Looks like we moved just short of 30 cubic yards of some really foul material. Dangerous and gut wrenching but it had to be done.

I can't quite wrap my mind around it all yet... I want to scream for joy, cry for the tremendous gift bestowed, pray for our future and peace for my mom and so much thanks for having sent these wonderful people into my life when I was so close to death.

Slowly I must admit that Gods love is being shown to me in ways I just don't know how to handle... It's a bit beyond anything I have seen and one day I'll be able to explain it all to you but for now ...

Well All I can say is thanks.

UBI Safedisc overkill

A few days ago I was over at a friends house (GH), and I had my computer with me to try and resolve some of the connection problems I've been having ( and still have ) with SBC. Since GH is an hardcore FPS enthusiast like me, I was sure to bring along all the CD's for the games we've been waiting to try over a LAN.

Even on a good day my connection to the internet is not the greatest. 56k modem with actual connections of 37.2kbps is by no means a speedy link but I manage to enjoy games like Rainbow Six and Diablo II online without much of a problem. GH has a cable modem connection and a nice LAN setup that allows me to bring over my computer and jump on the LAN without much hassle and all I have to bring is the chasis.

A mutual friend of ours (KH) runs dedicated game servers on occasion and we figured it would be fun to jump on his dedicated Raven Shield : Athena Sword server and have a few rounds of Terrorist Hunt.

Once my computer was online and fired up, he joined the game and I popped my game CD in and launched the game. The cinematic play, because there is no way to turn them off and I get the game setup to play on KH's server and try to join...

Ooop, this game I have played many times before is now asking for the CD Key. GUH.. fine.. I did bring the CD in it's case, no problem just an annoyance. THEN enter the OTHER CD Key for the add-on pack... yep that's right, enter them both never mind that you don't need the add-on CD to play and therefore didn't bring it... 35 minutes later after a nice drive back home I had my CD keys and had a pretty good time.

Wednesday, April 28, 2004

Welcome to Zero Logic

Ok so I really need to sleep now its just about 2 AM now and I should have been in bed hours ago. Just remember: they're after you because you're paranoid.