Thursday, April 29, 2004

UBI Safedisc overkill

A few days ago I was over at a friends house (GH), and I had my computer with me to try and resolve some of the connection problems I've been having ( and still have ) with SBC. Since GH is an hardcore FPS enthusiast like me, I was sure to bring along all the CD's for the games we've been waiting to try over a LAN.

Even on a good day my connection to the internet is not the greatest. 56k modem with actual connections of 37.2kbps is by no means a speedy link but I manage to enjoy games like Rainbow Six and Diablo II online without much of a problem. GH has a cable modem connection and a nice LAN setup that allows me to bring over my computer and jump on the LAN without much hassle and all I have to bring is the chasis.

A mutual friend of ours (KH) runs dedicated game servers on occasion and we figured it would be fun to jump on his dedicated Raven Shield : Athena Sword server and have a few rounds of Terrorist Hunt.

Once my computer was online and fired up, he joined the game and I popped my game CD in and launched the game. The cinematic play, because there is no way to turn them off and I get the game setup to play on KH's server and try to join...

Ooop, this game I have played many times before is now asking for the CD Key. GUH.. fine.. I did bring the CD in it's case, no problem just an annoyance. THEN enter the OTHER CD Key for the add-on pack... yep that's right, enter them both never mind that you don't need the add-on CD to play and therefore didn't bring it... 35 minutes later after a nice drive back home I had my CD keys and had a pretty good time.