Sunday, May 16, 2004

25 balls donated to east county wildlife

This weekend CLP, CMP, EP, TAP, and myself all went east to the local indian casino. They have a really nice golf course that CLP and I toured, $60.00 to play and $20.00 for me to ride along. We were stuck behind a foursome of tourists from a well known island nation, and they played every hole like it was the PGA tour. Just hit the fucking ball, damnit! Behind them was a friendly group of three well-off guys. While all 6 of us waited for the tourists to get to the next hole we would have some pleasant small talk and they seemed to be having fun. CLP however had an exercise in anger management. I think I heard some new ways to use the F word.

I'm pretty sure I we can blame the course. The VERY tall grass in the ruff out there, means that when you hook one, it's gone forever. Neither one of us is even slightly diluted into thinking we're good golfers. We know our distinct limitations but it was an opportunity to get out and get some physical activity.

We started off just before 3pm and didn't ever get around to the last holes. The reason being that we just ran out of balls. CLP lost all that he had in his golf bag, the 2 sleeves he purchased at the pro shop and the 8 or so we 'liberated' from the driving range. It was ugly.