Sunday, May 02, 2004

...And the dust settles

I have never worked so hard in my life. I have put in long hours with poor sleep and at long last it's over. Now let's see if it was all in vain. There does exist the chance that a favorable outcome is not on the horizon. I stand to lose a lot including my home, car, health/dental/auto insurance, my dog, and risk forever damaging the already strained relationship I have with my mother. And yet, no one can say that I was a fool to have made the effort.

I did not accomplish this task alone. I would have no problem laying most of the credit due,first and foremost to JCOL, MCE, FE,a man I only know as Mr. Dave, CLP, GH, AH, Joe and his associates. They all have had a significant roll lending their backs and toiling away, in, around, and amongst some things of legendary foulness. All of whom must have better control of their gag reflex that I do.

I spoke earlier of my extraordinary debt due these unnamed and I am reminded of it now. I haven't means to properly thank them at the level I think they deserve. I'm not even sure that there is a way. I love and appreciate you all, and thank you from the very bottom of my heart for the work you did, for me and my family. Your work and suffering have turned what has been hellish and very unhealthy into something respectable and presentable. We aren't going to get on the cover of a magazine or anything but I would not be ashamed to present it to anyone. I know how it was, and what it took to make it the way it is now.

So now that it's all done, we've retreated to let CMP find our efforts and settle it out for herself. A reaction that has so much in the balance that we've taken extreme precautions to help get the best possible result. Some of our tactics are unsavory and I'm sure that JCOL would probably not approve. Well, really I guess there is no doubt. He really doesn't like what we've done. And for that I am sorry. It's a matter of honesty, and we have felt the need to be less than honest and in some situations collaborated to establish elaborate lies, webs of deceit. Our human faults, the same ones that allow us to lie in the first place, just about assures that we have not covered all the bases. We are telling some rather large whoppers here and asking an intelligent person to believe them, because they want to.

I can see a lot of pain resulting from this particularly for myself and CMP but it will all have been worth it once the dust has settled.