Monday, May 24, 2004

Feeling Ill

I have been putting up with a cold for a week now. I have had it move from an ear ache to sneeze fits, to sore throat, runny nose, sinus infection, chest congestion. At this point it's not longer a bothersome condition that made me weak. My face and eyes hurt, from sinus pressure and I'm generally feeling pretty crummy. My bass guitar is fixed, thanks to the string pluckers over at Blue Guitar. I had to have the nut replaced after the E string grove cracked and part of the nut fell out. I had made a nifty 'fix-it- job using the cap of a ball point pen.

You know the little arm that sticks off of a pen cap that is used to hold it to you're pocket, if your a huge nerd? I jammed that under the E string to lift it off the first fret. The pen cap arm was triangular in shape and fit nicely into the nut groove, but that didn't raise the sting high enough to allow it to clear the fret without buzzing.

I monkeied with it a bit and got it playable but it just needed to be repaired.

Do ya suppose that it would just have been a better idea to not tip the thing over in the first place?

Bah - more spilt milk.