Friday, May 21, 2004

Mother Nature strikes back

It all started as a bothersome itch in my ear, that turned into a sneeze fit, that became a runny nose, and then a sore throat and now it's trying really hard to get into my chest and keep me buckled down even longer.

Congrats all around from friends and family on my weight loss success. I have been loosing so much that the usual amount of physical activity no longer burns the amount of calories that I would like to. Not that I'm complaining about the development, but I'll just add in the fact that I get exercise because I have to, and no so much because I think it's loads of fun to do.

I sure did like sports when I was younger. I'll have to find something I can get into when I loose some more weight. Perhaps Judo, or Kempo Karate. It's something that I've been into before. I had a few months of Tae-Kwon-Do when I was in Hawaii for the summer. It can be an expensive sport to play, but just about all the really fun ones are. I might also look into some of the Frisbee sports. I'm not to shabby with a Frisbee or aeroring.