Friday, May 21, 2004

Snorting packets - Network Security

I have been using my Linksys BEFSX41 Router/Firewall for a few weeks now. I'd had to rethink how I do things a bit on the networking side of things. Some programs have to be told to use passive mode and some programs ( games mostly ) had to have ports opened to allow them to access the internet.

I am considering running a windows version of a Intrusion Detection System (IDS) called Snort. It's an open source project that has come recommended on a few of the network security sites I visit. You can get snort and use it but apparently its pretty hard to use, so people have made other programs that help you setup and manage snort.

First you need to install a windows packet capture tool named WinPcap - Available here
Then Snort itself
And then the manager for it IDS Center available here