Thursday, May 06, 2004

Some things never change     ~fums~

Microsoft has about caused me to reload my computer. I run XP Pro, and was having a real problem getting online with my 56k connection. Dial in... computer hangs for about 5 minutes and then everything's fine. There were work arounds for different webpages, but most applications would not start... the computer would not shut down and the only way out was to hit reset.

Here I sit today, getting ready to frag some commies in BF Vietnam ( an excellent game BTW ) and so I run the DUN link for my ISP... the usual "do de do beep do de doot" escapes the modem and the unmistakable series of beeps and hisses means the modem is connecting... alas the bubble notification of my connection to the internet.

But what's this? No programs will run, nary an error code, not even the venerable three-finger-salute finds way to free my computer. No my friends, but fear not, for I have discovered Windows+E opens Windows explorer, and THAT can be used to access webpages. ( bet ya didn't know that! ) Well that's nice but considering that I have clicked on Internet Exploder like 37 times ( just out of frustration ) I know that eventually my IE will load... 37 times.

Well this little sinario has been going on for about 2 weeks. I have been seriously considering re-loading my computer to get rid of the damn problem. But give me a break, this is like hitting the EMP, throwing in the towel, admitting your woman is right... again, or buying feminine hygiene products. These things need to be reserved for EMERGENCY SITUATIONS ONLY!

I have tried updating several of my AAP's, asshole assistance programs. What is an AAP? You know them separately as Anti-virus, Anti-spyware, and although not really party to assisting anyone to do anything, for this situation I include windows update service. All of them are up to date, and despite having no known symptoms of infection, I ran the MS sasser worm detection and removal tool, just to be sure. I then installed Zone Alarm on a hunch and something interesting happened.

Apparently the IPv6 support released tries to connect to the internet, and zone alarm caught it. So when given the option to allow/block access I selected block and immediately ran internet exploder. Worked fine.

HA! And a quick search for "IPv6 XP" on the MS support site revealed a nice article that quaintly described my problem and gave instructions on how to remove the offending protocols.

Disaster averted, Neo reached the machine city, I get to keep my towel, she's never right anyway, and I found a rogue tampon in the glove box before leaving the driveway! Whew.

My suggestion to you is... never trust those freaks at amusement parks dressed in animal costumes, and to Microsoft... how about a warning eh? Rewrite the protocol description to read: -Click here to install IPv6 so you're computer won't work.-