Friday, July 23, 2004


Well.. it's 2:40 in the morning and I have to be up at 9:30 to get to my doctors appointment. So, I cruise the web looking at different things like Wil Wheaton's webpage to check up on muh fellow geeks. Looks like they were in my neck of the woods recently. If I were in better shape I might have ventured out to support the cause.

Also I was able to sign up for Google's Gmail service, which has had much press lately about them reading your email blah blah. A computer reads it and tries to advertise to you, WHAT'S NEW?! If you think this sort of thing doesn't happen all the time you're a bigger fool then I thought, and that's saying something!

I would like to be private. I want other a**holes to respect my privacy and to quit treating me like an opportunity or a commodity. Such is not the world we live in.

I wanted to thank GE / NBC for running Leno, Conan, and Carson over and over again all night instead of lame infomercial and crap that is just unwatchable.

More and more I have been playing Joint Operations: Typhoon Rising. A great Military FPS that has been a bit marred by some bugged patches, but they keep coming out pretty quick. This reminds me of my recent rant about game manufacturers and the crap they pull. The only thing I have to say about Nova Logic's copy-protection is that they almost got it right. Almost is pretty good in this arena and they are to be commended for coming so close to a bullshit-free game.
  • There is a CD-key that must be used to install and register the game.
  • Registration is required and that is the bulk of the bullshit right there. You must register and then re-register with Nova World, the online service (free) used to turn the players into a more cohesive community of players ( kinda nice really ). Then once you're in the game you have to set that up with your account information and keep track of passwords and such. God help you if you should have a weak password and someone cracks into your account.
  • AWESOME tech support from Nova Logic, I think I might have commented on this before.
  • You DO NOT need to have the CD in the computer to play!
  • There is a non-intrusive update tool, and it's use is OPTIONAL! (hello, Valve? You've Steamed my ass, so you can shove HL2 right up Gordons!)
  • My entire NovaLogic folder weighs in at 833 MB, and that includes about 30 screenshots.
  • 99% of the game content is intended for use online, which if you've been paying attention is getting to be quite a popular form of game. This game however is playable without any service fees or membership crap like you find in those MMORPG sucker traps I see dumbasses going for. You buy the game, you play the game.
  • You can easily search for players you know or clan members if you should be in one, without having to use a third party app. Yes, I could link "Gay Umspi" and all the others but they suck so... fuhgum!
Bah I could think of more stuff to say about em but I think I got most of it out.

Ok... so still not sleepy. Probably should stop drinking Diet Coke eh?