Saturday, July 24, 2004

Things that suck

This is kind of blunt and to the point. If you know me at all you're not surprised.
  1. Orrin Hatch sucks because he wants the RIAA to sue Apple for the iPod and all the other MP3 players with his P.O.S. bill The Induce Act. The Induce Act says "whoever intentionally induces any violation [of copyright law]". Read more at CNET.
  2. The Game/Technology news website Little White Dog sucks because they run flash advertisements that play sound! Man, that's about as low as running a mailing list with a "we never sell any of your information" clause in the privacy policy. And then deciding later on that, "due to financial constrains we are forced to peruse new and different sources of revenue, and that has required an update to our privacy policy." Riiiight asshole. I think we call that bait and switch.
  3. SCO group sucks, because they have a business model based on suing the crap out of companies that use Linux, like Daimler-Chrysler and Auto Zone. By the way, SCO has received MAJOR funding from Microsoft, so they can afford to litigate with the big dogs.
Clearly this is not all the things that suck, but these three, suck pretty hard.