Thursday, August 19, 2004

StarForce prepared to punish paying customers to thwart pirates.

StarFARCE is more like it. This will present a whole new challenge for hackers, for like a day or two. They're going to crack StarForce and release ever single game published with it. The people that download them will not have any bullshit to put up with, however there will be thousands of people for whom the bullshit will be outrageous. The paying customer.

The authors of StarForce openly claim to prevent the use of other programs, that MIGHT be used to make or use illegal software. 'Never mind what you actually do with this other software, we're going to prevent you from using any of it.' Apparently some people are reporting stability problems after using games that have StarForce protection. I guess the idea is to protect your computer from you doing want it to. Guess what! You have the right to decide what software is on your computer. Some companies don't seem to understand that and so we have spyware removal tools and anti-virus software in our lives. The point is... the hackers and pirates who crack and distribute these games will not be stopped by StarFarce and it's new methods for imposing cruelty on people who give them money. So don't give them any money! Download every StarFarce protected game and then mail them a YOU SUCK letter.

StarForce Technologies USA and Canada
2261 Market Street, #642
San Francisco, CA 94114
USA Tel (415) 864-6800

And now my carefully worded response to game publishers that use StarFarce, "Hey... FUCK YOU! This is my computer and what software I choose to use is my damn business!"

If I was Ahead Software or one of the other developers being attacked, I'd be in court right now to file an injunction. Strike now before StarForce is able to generate revenue or legitimacy.