Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Chest pains

Fortunately not mine. My good friend RM was in for an angiogram today, so GH and I went up to be with him and lend support for SM and family. Things went well. One site that was 100% blocked was had rerouted itself and one known blockage area wasn't blocked at all anymore. So what ever the aliment is, we have yet to discover the source of the chest pain, fainting spells and general malaise RM is suffering. He is in my prayers.

Afterward, I had ASH over for a DVD viewing. We watched Ronin. Awesome movie, one of my favorites for sure. ASH had to get to work and had a bit to drive to get there so as soon as the movie was over he woke me up from my rather pleasant slumber and hit the road.

Shortly after ASH and I had said fare-thee-well and such, I get a phone call from CMP. In the hospital with chest pain. A co-worker had driven her from work to the hospital, so her car was still at work. The doctor didn't think it was cardiac related pain but ran some tests anyway. Things came back confirming his guess, and treating CMP with an oral medication for pain and inflammation immediately solved the problem. He commented that it may still be related to a cardiac problem so a stress test was ordered for some time next week. This is something CMP does not want to do, mostly because nobody likes them. I will be pressuring her to follow through with the doctors orders.

Big day tomorrow. Many contractors and crews coming over to do various things to the place. Some of it is long over-due and some of it is just to beautify something that has long been a detracting feature of the property. Going to be a circus around here.