Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Slashdot | Online Gaming Ad Network Launches

Slashdot | Online Gaming Ad Network Launches

Great. This sounds like something I could work to combat. I'd like nothing more than to see this company fold with such dramatic failure that no one is willing to attempt it ever again.

Gonna have to get Adblock for my games now too? These stupid asses have ignored Surges No 1. Rule of computers... the hackers always win.

Sunday, October 17, 2004

192 Lost

At last check-in I was down 192 lbs from my starting weight. Much thanks due to the efforts made by so many to help me get this far so quickly.

I have had some chages to my plans, I now only need 3 meal replacement shakes a day, 5 Fruits and veggies, and 6oz lean protein, in my case I choose chicken. Almost like eating real food. At least trips to resturants are begining to be more practical. I still have to make special requests and such.

About 99.5% of the itmes in any resturant feature something I'm not to have. The good news is that most times I am able to find something that can be just modified a bit and fit into my requirements.

So far so good.