Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Cox launches security suite

As part of the Safe is Beautiful campaign, Cox Communications has sent out email to users announcing the availability of security software free for Cox subscribers, installs on up to 4 computers.

Their new security software includes:

  • Anti-Virus protection for your PC
  • Firewall software
  • Parental Controls "help filter the sites your kids are visiting and set time limits for Internet use"
  • Anti-Spyware software
  • Pop-Up Blocker

New Desktop Console

All of these programs are managed through a Cox High Speed Internet Desktop Console.
Personally I don't want another toolbar, desktop doo-dad or system-tray... er system notification area... icon. None of the available software is open source and all seems to be provided by Authentium: "Your Cox account number and Cox High Speed Internet e-mail address is provided to Authentium solely so that they may activate and support your software, and so that Cox can track activations between Cox and Authentium. Authentium will not use any of the information provided for marketing and will not distribute it to any other parties. For more information, please see the Cox Privacy Policy."

Windows 98se or higher is required but there is a link to the apple security site. Is this the first step to ISP's taking responsibility for the massive proliferation of botnets and the hordes of spyware infected computers? On the one hand I have to cheer Cox for their efforts and on the other I have to wonder why this sort of thing took so long. We seem to be starting into a new age of "blocking."