Tuesday, May 17, 2005

WASTE Network for encrypted, private filesharing

WASTE is software for setting up small, secure, private filesharing networks. WASTE provides chat, instant messaging, and file transfers between connected users, all of which is encrypted. The software is entirely peer to peer so no server is required. It works best for transferring files between small groups of people, like a group of friends.

I've not tried this yet but the idea is a great one. I wonder if a combination of this and some of the P2P methods we've seen before are mergeable. Judgeing by the recent patent applications, our good buddies in the MPAA and RIAA are actively infiltrateing P2P networks (as if they were secure to begin with right?) and avoiding noble attempts such as blocklists. BayTSP may have had a brief smack in the mouth by projects such as PeerGuardian, but their usefulness will slowly be confined to keeping less motivated people from connecting to your computer.

Right now PeerGuardian and the other IP blocking tools will keep advertisers out and prevent major spyware outlets from being visited by unwitting family members "surfing" the net. Consider how easy it would be to setup a cheapy hosting plan at any one of the throngs of service providers, and run your snooping operation from there. If you're not sure which ISP to pick, download the freely available list of blocked IP ranges and make sure your new box is not on the list. By the way, be looking for a month to month contract provider, because as soon as you file your lawsuits that entire ISP will most likely be blacklisted. I'm sure the ISP and all of their other customers understand that you must defend your program from people that want to see it.